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Once you’ve accumulated 12 points on your driving licence, you’ll be facing an immediate minimum 6 month driving ban known as a ‘totting-up’ disqualification. However, if you’re able to convince the court such a ban would cause ‘exceptional hardship’, you may still be able to stay on the road. At this point it’s essential to provide the court with the correct evidence to support your case, and that’s where Allen & Allen Solicitors come in. We’re here to help you prove ‘exceptional hardship’, at which point it’s at the court’s discretion to reduce or even overturn your ban.


Why choose us?

Allen & Allen Solicitors Totting-up Ban Solicitors Stay on the road

Stay on the road

Defend your rights and stay in the driving seat.


Know where you stand

Take the guesswork out of it, with trusted professional expertise.


Protect your lifestyle

Don't allow a driving conviction to disrupt your life.


The case for ‘exceptional hardship’

Already got 6 points on your licence and been caught for another motoring offence? It’s entirely possible to receive a 6 month ban with only one previous conviction!

If you’re facing a further 6 points or more, it’s critical to consider legal representation; it’s the only way to avoid conviction and potentially a minimum of 6 months off the road.

Don’t face court alone. Standing up to provide evidence under oath, whilst facing a solicitor for the CPS who’s arguing for the court to ban you, isn’t for the faint of heart.

At Allen & Allen Solicitors we specialise in defending motorists from ‘totting-up’ bans, compiling and preparing a bespoke strategy to prove ‘exceptional hardship’ and keep you on the road.

Allen & Allen Solicitors Totting-up Ban Solicitors The case for 'exceptional hardship'

What sets us apart?

Allen & Allen Solicitors Totting-up Ban Solicitors By your side

By your side

At Allen & Allen we’re with you every step of the way to ensure you fully understand the process.

Allen & Allen Solicitors Totting-up Ban Solicitors Bespoke strategy

Bespoke strategy

One size doesn’t fit all, that’s why we provide a bespoke solution tailored to your unique circumstances.

Allen & Allen Solicitors Totting-up Ban Solicitors It's about the individual

It's about the individual

Every single case matters to us. We’re passionate about defending your rights.

Allen & Allen Solicitors Totting-up Ban Solicitors Challenge the charge

Challenge the charge

We’re here to help you challenge the process and keep your wheels on the road.


What our customers say

"I would like to express our family’s gratitude for all the advice and support we have received throughout this case and of course Kieran’s expert representation and guidance at the hearing itself."

“I would like to thank Keiran for all his help regarding my case. Now we can get on with our lives. He was professional and honest. Thank you so much.”

“I would highly recommend Kieran. He explained everything in my case throughout and was able to get me the best outcome in the circumstances.”


Stay on the road with Allen & Allen

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At Allen & Allen Solicitors we treat you like an individual not a number. We provide a tailored solution to your unique circumstances and explain the process every step of the way.